What He-Man Supporting Character Are You?

The He-Man LiveJournal has spawned some well-loved side characters. Choose the answers that best describe you and find your secret secondary character soul mate!


1) My favorite food is:


2) I like to listen to:

indie rock
The Gospel Trucker
"Eyes Without A Face"

3) For fun, I:

engage in some hot and heavy role-playing
go to fetish clubs
go out dancing with friends
go out drinking alone
call chat lines

4) My favorite outfit:

is a small armored corset and boots
is made completely of leather
is a Digimon shirt
has a big "O" on it
is a pair of overalls

5) My fetish is:

you name it, I like it!
I like the breasts
anime porn
I go nuts for six-pack abs

6) For money, I:

procure victims for Randor
practice law
drive a freight truck
own a game and comic shop
work at a small goth/rock T-shirt shop

7) Other people think I am:

a well-meaning hippie type
an S&M sicko
a whiny baby
an all-around great guy

8) My favorite TV show is:

Family Ties
Queer as Folk
The Book of Pooh
Masters of the Universe

9) I am most likely to spend money on:

bondage gear
magic stuff
a lock for my diary

10) If I were king of Eternia:

everyone would get some
I am king of Eternia!!
men would have breasts
people would be nice to each other and not fight
I would invade Earth

Wanna know where we got all this hardcore quiz-makin' stuff? From the last He-Man quiz. Now go check out He-Man's LiveJournal and tell him starfiction.com sent ya, and while you're at it, take a look at Castle Grayskull, the He-Man community.